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The IBELIEVENU FOUNDATION was first established in 2018. It was formerly known as the ibelievenu Productions. The IBELIEVENU FOUNDATION and what it has to offer is genuinely a God-given vision for our new and future generations. Our commitment is to provide a broad platform for great performers in the “Performing Arts” arena. And for local businesses/entrepreneurs. We have great talent right here in our homeland, the City of Cleveland. And we’re here to provide you with a platform so you may receive the exposure you deserve for your gifts and talents.

The IBELIEVENU FOUNDATION was created to encourage faith, and hope and to strengthen the ability to believe in oneself.

Our mission is to create experiences that transform lives, hearts, and minds.

Our goal /commitment is to provide a platform for individuals to use their gifts and talents on and off stage, to inspire, and deliver a positive and meaningful message.

Our vision is to see everyone operating in their gifts and talents, either on or off stage. in addition to providing a Youth Awareness Mentoring program (Y.AP) for our youths ages 8-17.

Our gifts or talents are purposely created not just for ourselves but to help those around us. We benefit from other people’s skills. We benefit from Jobs’ Apple creations, Edison’s light bulb, Ford’s automotive ideas, or our mom’s cooking. Almost everyone around us contributes to our welfare in one way or another.
Now the interesting question is: How do other people benefit from our gifts or talents? They are not just there for us. Gifts and talents are to be shared with others. Just imagine the world if nobody shared a talent. What a gloomy world it would be!

Individuals who are very passionate about putting their gifts to use and tapping others to use theirs create a tremendous impact on society.
We may even change someone’s life just because we exercise our gift. It doesn’t need to be a huge one. Start small, and someone out there will be inspired because of it. We all know too well how our day-to-day life struggles can cause us to lose sight of our very own purpose, dreams, gifts, and talents. Our mission is to continue to inspire and encourage others in their God, given gifts and talents.

The IBELIEVENU FOUNDATION is a 501c3 Non-profit Organization. Each year we host a fundraising event that allows individuals to display their gifts and talents, known as the “Cleveland’s Own Sundays Best Showcase Talent Competition.
We know that the effects of music are not entirely understood. But what we do know is that according to researchers, music may even have the power to improve our health and well-being. Studies show that music can help regulate emotions and create happiness and relaxation in everyday life. Listening to relaxing music also reduces stress; studies show that for people with cancer listening to music combined with standard care reduces anxiety. Music can also boost mental and physical stimulation, provide comfort, and ease pain.

We know all too well the effects that covid-19 had on all artists/creative professionals. They were the most severely affected during this time. Even if theatres do open back up, production would still have to abide by safe distancing measures, leading to fewer audiences and further difficulties in stage afloat. We stand by our commitment to providing a platform for individuals to use their gifts and talents, on and off stage. Technology will make us more efficient, and now we can serve more people through “Cle Own” BEST OF THE BEST TELEVISION NETWORK.”
https://clevelandbbtv.com/. We’re now bringing inspirational stories and performers to New Platformer. To uplift, encourage, educate, and entertain our community and others around us. Please join us and support this vision, as we continue with this commitment to help others gain the exposure they deserve for their gifts and talents.

Please donate https://theibelievenufoundation.today/donations/

“To find out what one is fit to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.” — John Dewey.

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