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Dear Parent/ Guardian

At IBELIEVENU FOUNDATION we believe that the safety of our young people and children is especially important. For us to maintain high levels of safety and protection of young people involved in our groups/competition.

As an organization, we ensure that all our leaders are safely recruited and that they are all given training on appropriate leading and behavior around children and young people.

To do this, I will forward a slip for you to fill in and return.

The slip will allow me to contact your son/ daughter concerning various events happening, for example this might be a group text reminding your son/daughter of an event. The slip also allows us permission to use any photos and videos which we take during the competition to be used to promote the work of the BBTV Network further. This may involve them going onto galleries on our website for visitors to see or appearing on posters.

If you could fill in the slip and return it as soon as possible it would be a great help.

Thank You,

Lynnette Spicer


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